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CWSEAPA® PLLC is a nationally recognized brand of Accounting and Financial Services. Our mission is very simple; to provide a different kind of experience with an accounting professional. We are committed to servicing our clients with a new way of interaction. We can handle your situation fully remotely. In addition to email and telephone calls, we can discuss your situation via Skye or Zoom.

Our business does accounting, bookkeeping, and tax returns, but those are the end results of all the planning that we do throughout the year. We also offer IRS Representation, Estate Planning, Tax Consulting, Real Estate Investor Taxation Consulting, Financial Services, and Tax Planning.

If We Don’t Take Care of Our Clients, Someone Else Will™ is more than a trademarked slogan, it is how we run our business. As a result of our efforts, and with a unique focus on exceeding the expectations of our clients, we have been extremely successful at forging trusted, enduring relationships with those we serve.

There is no problem too hard and there is no problem we won’t figure out a way to solve. If you are looking for a firm that has extensive knowledge of the Tax Code, and will work day and night for you to avoid as much taxation as possible, and if you are looking for a firm that will look at your situation from every possible angle, and look at you as a whole, you have come to the right place.​

We Are Doing Something Amazing, and We Want You to Be Part of It!®

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