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Pilot Program Begins for Taxpayers Living In Florida, Georgia, and the District Of Columbia

I just got my tax identity PIN, and you can to.  If you live in Florida, Georgia, or the District of Columbia, the Internal Revenue Service has started a pilot program allowing you to get a PIN number, to curb identity theft.  In order to electronically file your tax return, you will need this number.

In the past, the Internal Revenue Service has issued these PIN numbers to victims of identity theft.  However, in the state of Georgia, Florida, and the District of Columbia identity theft has run rampant.  In order to curb that, the Internal Revenue Service, has started a pilot program that allows residents of those states, and the District of Columbia to apply for a PIN number that has to be used to file your tax return.  The special PIN number is special only to you, and if you do not have it, you cannot file your tax return.

Applying for this PIN number, is very simple.  It is all done online.  The website is .  This morning I applied for my own PIN number, and I couldn’t have been simpler.  Without this PIN, I will be unable to file my tax return this year.  This is a game changer in the identity theft epidemic that has swept the Internal Revenue Service.  Currently I have eight clients that are fighting identity theft issues with the IRS.

You should get a PIN number, if you live in the states, or the District of Columbia.  Better safe than sorry.

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