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What’s New in QuickBooks Online: November 2021

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

November 23, 2021

Candace J. Dixon

Here are new features and improvements in QuickBooks Online for November 2021.

Mailchimp App for QuickBooks® Online

The Mailchimp app for QuickBooks Online is the first joint effort of QuickBooks and Mailchimp, currently in beta testing. The new integration increases efficiency by reducing manual data imports, and gives you a comprehensive view of your customers. The app imports contacts and their financial data from QuickBooks into Mailchimp in a one-way sync, meaning that as you update your contacts in QuickBooks, the contact in Mailchimp will update. Once the contacts are in Mailchimp you can use all the information to create segments and send personalized targeted campaigns. Learn more

QuickBooks Online Advanced App

The QuickBooks Online Advanced app for Windows is a free add-on for all QuickBooks Online Advanced subscribers or accountants with QuickBooks Online Accountant, available for download with feature and performance improvements. The app has smarter navigation and enhancements to speed up your workflow, and is stabilized for power users using QuickBooks Online spending several hours on QuickBooks Online weekly, with multi-tab and company switcher features.

Using the desktop app instead of using QuickBooks Online in your browser allows you to stay signed in; gives you the option to use a navigation map similar to QuickBooks Desktop if you migrated your Desktop account to QuickBooks Online Advanced; and lets you access multiple companies at the same time, switching between them without reloading each one. Learn more

Employee Expense Management: New feature in QuickBooks Online Advanced

The new Employee Expense Management feature, found under Bank/Receipts or Transactions, lets employees submit their expenses and expense receipts with categories directly to QuickBooks for the admin or bookkeeper to review and reconcile. E-mail notifications will let you know when it's time to review them.

Submitting expense reports and uploading receipts is faster and easier. The feature will save time tracking employee expenses; let you keep complete records; and view everything in QuickBooks.

Watch this video on how to manage employee expenses in QuickBooks Online Advanced, or learn more.


Sources & Disclosures

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