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During the real estate boom, Florida was a major hot bed of activity.  Home prices were relatively cheap to the rest of the country.  People moved to Florida in droves to take advantage of cheap real estate.  

Since a majority of our clients here in Florida were real estate investors, Craig Smalley of CWSEAPA PLLC became a Certified Real Estate Tax Expert®, a Qualified Intermediary and 1031 Exchange Service Provider, published the book The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investment (The Complete Guide), and came up with strategies that helped save his clients millions of dollars.


CWSEAPA PLLC has worked with every type of real estate person: from property managers to realtors to brokers to investors, and was the accountant for the biggest real estate developer in Orlando.


Our industry specific expertise enables us to minimize your loss and ensure that you take advantage of all the available tax credits and deductions.

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How can you help me with my real estate?

​Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, investor, or developer, you need to know that the taxation of real estate is completely different than the taxation of any other business.  We specialize in the taxation of persons in the real estate industry. 

We have specialized knowledge and experience to help you with:

  • Tax efficient entity structuring of real estate entities 

  • Taxation of real estate and rental properties

  • Flipping houses

  • Self-directed IRAs

  • Acquisition due diligence

  • Cost segregation analysis

  • IRC §1031 Exchanges

  • Tax deferral transactions

  • Passive activity deductions

  • Advanced tax planning strategies

  • Passive income and losses

  • Opportunity zones

  • Exit strategies

During the real estate boom, many investors would came to Florida, buy houses for cheap, fix them up and sell them for a substantial profit.  Others would buy a few properties, and rent them out, for a considerable amount of money.

In addition to residential real estate, commercial real estate was also hot.  Many people would build commercial units.  To build these units, they would attract investors and ask them to invest in the project that they were building.  These investors would form limited liability companies, and pool their cash. 


The difference of what it cost to build the property and the cash that the investors would have would be made up by obtaining a mortgage to finance the rest of the project.  When the units in the building were completed, the investors would sell those properties for a huge profit. 


Instead of selling these properties, some of the investors would take advantage of IRC §1031 Exchanges, and rollover their profits into another project, tax free.  Still other people would open Self-Direct IRAs and invest in the real estate market within their IRA.  They would make profits and those profits would be tax free, because they were part of a retirement plan.​

In this market, when there is a lot of money to be made, we are able to help you because we know all of the tricks of the Internal Revenue Code. 

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